Revision reconstruction

HI FORUMERS, I Had bilateral mastectomies with immediate reconstruction using strattice. Then chemo now on herceptin. My ‘new boobs’ have always been uncomfortable to say the least. Breast surgeon says recent scans show capsular contracture and revision surgery is required when I finish my treatment. I want to know if it’s possible to have a diep flap reconstruction instead of strattice again? TIA X

As I understand it, you can request any type of reconstruction that makes you feel whole and comfortable again. You would have to consult/be referred to a surgeon who specializes in DIEP recon, and she can tell you if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.
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Thank you songbird68 x
I have a consultation with my breast surgeon at the end of May, hopefully he will agree to me seeing a different consultant who does the diep procedure. X

I had a DIEP following failed implants,including strattice in one side.On removal, was quite bruised after,as after a while the strattice imbeds itself in the tissue.However,my surgeon had done an excellent job,as when the DIEP was being done,the PS had little tidying up to do.Take care.