RF Tag


I have recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer - they say its been found very early, Grade 1 and 14mm in size. Been told my Lymph nodes appear uninvoIved. Been totally shocked, terrified, cried and cried and now just getting my head round it as best I can. My husband is super supportive and my rock.

My surgery is planned for 1st November. I have also been booked in on 21st Oct for an RF Tag. Have any of you had this done? What does it entail? Im feeling a bit anxious about it as I dont really know what to expect!!

Many thanks & lots of love to you all


Hi country_bumpkin. Sorry you’ve found yourself here, but the community is amazing and hopefully will help you through every step of the way.

I had the tag used previously, and it’s absolutely nothing to worry about. When the tumour is so small, it’s a tiny little marker put in place with ultrasound guidance, so that when they operate they can use it as a location guide. Mine wasn’t painful, maybe a very little bit uncomfortable at first, but nothing that a couple of paracetamol didn’t work for. Then you forget that it’s there, and it’ll be removed during the surgery.

Hope that puts your mind at rest a little! xx

It is all worrying and such a lot to take in when first diagnosed.
I was tagged it has caused/causes me no problems in fact until I read this I had honestly forgotten all about it.
When I was sitting waiting to go in several of the ladies before me all were coming out and giving the thumbs up. I found the support even though we did not know each other so comforting - like we had formed our own little group which gave me strength - just as chatting on here does.

Hugs and lots of good wishes
Poppy xx