Hey all *wave*

Any Rhydian fans out there? Allan bought me a copy of his CD for Christmas (was a fan of his on X-Factor) and, like he says, it’s the most expensive CD he’s ever bought. We saw him live in Llandudno recently whilst he was recording for SC4 (free tickets and, hey, we got to go on front row, centre - coz I couldn’t stand in queue so they took us through before everyone else and told us to choose our seats!!) VIP parking, right outside front door.

I’ve got tickets for his tour and will be seeing him in Manchester, Plymouth and Cardiff. Wotta guy! Check out his voice, and his bod. Google in Rhydian, scroll down and see his pecks on beach in Mexico. Wow!

Maureen xx

Hi Maureen

Yes I like him too and have his CD. Not been to any concerts yet but have a feeling he is coming my way. Was astounded he didnt win X Factor he was the best by miles, very talented and attractive man.

Enjoy your concerts

Love from Judy


I too am a fan and got CD for Xmas. I was on his side all through X factor. You prompted me to listen to the CD again yesterday - what a voice. Hope he brings another CD out soon. Saw him interviewed on telly last week.

Enjoy the concerts.

Flora x

Hey, Judy and Flora

Glad you’re fans. You’ve got great taste. This man is going to be BIG.

Yes, he’s bringing out another cd. Sony have dropped a number of artists (Leon included, who won X-factor that Rhydian should have won), but they’ve retained Rhyd and he’s bring out another cd later this year. Wait until you hear “Let’s get this party started”. And see him. Man, he’s HOT! There’s a dvd out also entitled “Rhydian, one year on”. It’s brilliant. If you’d like details of how to obtain a copy, pm me. It was made, I think, for the Welsh tv channel as quite a lot of it’s in Welsh but with subtitles. Well worth seeing.

If you’re hoping to see him on tour but haven’t got tickets, you may have trouble as most of his venues are sold out. I think there are a few seats available at Hammersmith Apollo.

But hey, he’s taken my mind off this cancer mallarky, that’s for sure. Hope you’re both doing good.

Maureen xx