Rib/chest muscle pain 3 years after rads



I wondered if anyone was experiencing the same or know how many any years after rads are people suffering rib/chest muscle pain? 


I finished my rads 3 years ago now and every 6 months or so I get a bruised pain feeling in my lower ribs/chest muscles that last about a week on my treatment side. The pain is like a bruised/broken rib feeling, painful to breath, move, sleep etc. 


I did go to my gp on the last one before this one I’m experiencing now, but as soon as you tell them about bc/rads they don’t look any further and say it’s normal! 


How many more years am I going to get these random pains?


I’m 41 going on 90, I feel permanently tired, my memory has all but gone and lets me down at work, my skin is still really itchy from the rads, mid-monthly cycle abdominal pains then heavy random periods, does it get any better? Lol ??.



 Ssorry I know I shouldn’t moan but sometimes I think we just need to get it all out!








Hi Vicki, I’m not a nurse they are not available over the weekend,  but just wanted to say I get the same, My rads finished 18 months ago and I was told ongoing rib pain would be a likely long term side effect, it can be agony sometimes especially reaching up! ? 

Again my periods have been very heavy and a bit erratic then stopped suddenly 3 months ago,  I still have the pains just no bleeding now, do you take tamoxifen? 

Sorry I can’t give you the answers you were looking for but hopefully I have helped a bit by letting you know my experince is very much the same as yours Xx Jo 

Hi ladies, I had all my treatment between sept 14 and July 15 finishing with rads. I took tamoxifen then anastrazole for about a year then stopped last summer as SEs were unbearable.

I often get chest pain on my operated side. Sometimes difficult to breath, painful on the inhillation, a bit like a really bad stitch. Periods appear to have stopped but sometimes I get tummy and back pain which I used to get with pmt.

My radiated skin also gets very itchy sometimes, although it’s still numb so a good scratch doesn’t work!

Definitely feel about 90 most days with aching, creaking joints on top of everything else!

Hi vicki
I am also young (39 year old going on 90)!
I’m 3 years post treatment and I get the same pains, every 6 months or so. I find I can’t wear a bra or reach up too high. My knees are killing me and I literally feel like I’m ancient. My memory’s awful and I’m even clumsier than I was before, if that can even be possible.
I know that this post is probably not answering any of your questions, but it was so nice for me to hear someone else is going through the same thing.
Thank you so much for posting.

Hi vicky 40, I’ve  just started to experience  rib/ chest discomfort  rather than pain,and also a bit short of breath sometimes, it’s almost like a tight band underneath the breast I  had rads on. It’s 2 years since I  finished my treatment and I’m  on tamoxifen, think I’ll  get in touch with my cancer nurse and ask if this is normal so long after finishing treatment x

Hi Vicki I finished radiotherapy Nov 2016 did a kettle bell class two weeks ago and have suffered with sore ribs and ache down my side where I had my lumpectomy and treatment . I thought it was because I had over done it with exercise . But could be side effects of radio . I can’t sleep on the side because it hurts and don’t sleep well anyway due to hot flushes . I’m hoping pain will go and won’t last long . X 

I finished chemo in April 2015 and rads in July 2015. All my joints are painful, knees lock sometimes. Painful ribs, shortness of breath too. I’m 49 going on 90!

Hello! I finished rads after two surgeries and have an ache in my ribs like a bruise pain most of the time. I also still have a lot of hardness and numbness in my boob. Plus I have the itchies!