Rib discomfort

Does anyone have really uncomfortable feelings in their ribs? It’s not pain as such, more a feeling that their ribs are too tight. I feel like they are crushing me. I have taken co-codamol but because it’s not pain as such it doesn’t seem to make a massive difference. I feel like if I didn’t have this feeling I could carry out general day to day tasks but it almost feels like you are being suffocated. Any suggestions or observations would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi janeb88,

So sorry that you have this pain in your ribs, I assume that this is to due to the cancer? Before I was finally diagnosed after many months of pain in my ribs and a misdiagnosis I was told that I had tumours in my bones, the primary breast cancer had spread (mammogram missed the cancer) .

I’m on morphine coupled with paracetamol, apparently they work together, to deal with the pain and give me a degree of normality,  I’m sure you shouldn’t have to put up with the pain because as we know it drags us down.

So hope you can get this sorted out and have a better quality of life. I don’t know if this helps, but do ask all questions as on this forum there are many wonderful ladies ready to listen and support you.

Sending virtual hugs and wishing you all the best xxx