Rib pain after implant and uplift

Hi all

I had an uplift and implant put in my right side nearly two weeks ago.
The wound area pain wise is not too bad. However, I have terrible pain just under the breast and in the ribs.

Is it possible that the surgeon has brusied the muscles or the breast bone while doing the operation? It really does hurt :frowning:

I am seeing him tomorrow to look at the wound, so I will ask him then.

Anyone else had this?


Hi Naz, my breast care nurse once told me when you are under the anasthetic you would be surprised how they have to push and pull you about to do what they need to do - we would prob be horrified if we could see so I would guess the pain under the breast and in the ribs is normal but of course check with the surgeon tomorrow - there is nothing like peace of mind! Get your pain relief sorted as well, no need to suffer in silence. I have got to battle thru the snow later for a ct scan - a recent mri found a tumor on my spine now they are checking my organs for spread - feel so terrified but would rather know whats going on than not know. I hope you get some answers Lots of love xx Debbie xx

Debbie, I am going to be thinking of you later…please let me know how you get on xxxxxxxxxx I will be hoping and praying that it hsa not spread…xxxxxxx

Thanks for your post…I guess you are right,although i am more worried about you at the mo…

Nasreen x

Debbie - I just wanted to jump onto this thread and wish you all the very best with your scans. Read your posts when I was first diagnosed and have always admired your attitude. Fingers crossed for a good result today and that there is no spread. Please let us know how you get on xx

Naz - hope the pain is settling down. It is quite an invasive procedure wouldn’t be surprised if your ribs are still very bruised. ps - how’s the hair going???

Any news Deb?

Whitey, the hair is growing slowly…have about three inches i guess…far better than the bald look! How are you?
I have some seriously bruised ribs me think! :frowning: