rib pain after rads...

hi all finished rads on may 4 but inlast couple weeks when i stretch up or roll in bed the bottom of ribs are painful, thought t was stomach soreness but after pressing around am sure its ribs but seems to be below rad line and as i say when i stretch up does anyone slse experience this x

Hi Fairyqueen

I’m in exactly the same situation. I’ve posted my full gripe on a different thread if you want to read it (LYMPHOEDEMA -“lymphodema in breast” thread).

Basically yes I’m in alot of discomfort with pain in ribs + muscles…it’s the same pain I had straight after my double mx (Oct 2010). Hurts to lie down in bed/sit up, lift, cough & generally move. I’m gonna ring the rads dept tomorrow to see if there’s anything I can do…at the moment heat and compression + painkillers seem to help…going to ask if there’s some sort of compression bandage I can get.

Are you taking anything?


Hi Fairyqueen

I started to have rib pain a week into rads back in October 2010.The pain I have is on the opposite side to my mastectomy and seems to move around a bit but always in the same general area.
I have mentioned it several times to the oncologist who ordered a bone scan to rule out mets and to put my mind at rest.The scan was clear and whilst I still have the pain most days(notice it couple of times a day)it has lessened.
Not sure whether it’s linked to Herceptin or just inflamed tissue around ribs caused by the funny position I had to lie in to have radiotherapy.
Seems to be quite a common problem.Hope it sorts itself out for you.

thankyou both , i dont take painkillers as i am aware of it at certain times but was just confused that it was outside the rad ares at bottom in centre of ribcage and sore when i stretch are your pains within rad field ( where redness was) x

princess did you say you got it on opposite side so that would be out of red area on rad side cos i have had soreness on other side but didnt relate it to rads x

I had rads on the left side and my pain is on the right side,lower ribs at the front,just slightly off centre.
I don’t take any medicine for it either,for me it has got less painful and more of a niggle/itch.

i have this pain on the left side since before dx have had bone scan and it showed all was ok but doc told me if it carrys on he would have me in for a mri scan well its not stoped its the same side as dx too going from under the ribs down the side and into the back