Rib paIn and chest x-ray

Hi all diagnosed November 2016 Grade three in two nodes primary BC. Recently had some rib pain which I am sure is due to a bra pressing as it’s exactly where the thick bra bone is it eased if I don’t wear it but as I wear prosthesis that means being flat on one side. I mentioned it at doctors and was sent for chest x-ray  She wrote on form BC history and rib pain and thankfully was all clear  However after a bit of googling I’m not convinced a chest X-Ray would show anything  A friend who is a nurse said a chest X-Ray is done first and if any activity shows a bone scan would be done but apparently mine was clear . I’m a real worrier and struggle with recurrence fears so the clear result was such good news but now I’m a bit deflated. Anyone else had just a chest X-Ray for bone pain ?  Many thanks and I will of course follow up if it doesn’t resolve.

Just bumping up my post thanks xx

Hi TypicalMe

I saw your post and although I can’t help with your question, I hope I can by also bumping it up so that hopefully someone will come along who can help.

This is probably a silly question - I wasn’t quite sure what you meant by the “thick bra bone”, are you possibly saying that you use underwired bras? If so could the wires be digging in?

I understand exactly where you are coming from re your worries, I too am a worrier. Doctors tend to be very cautious once we have been diagnosed, so I’m sure if there was any concern they would have sent you for further tests. But if you are still worried you should speak to someone, perhaps your GP or BCN to start with? Or back to your consultant - to put your mind at rest.

Sending you a big hug ?

Evie xx