Rib pain, neurological

I’ve been suffering from painful ribs since the second chemo, after having had lots of xrays and ultrasounds I’ve now been told this is neurological pain.

Have been started on 3 lots of tablets : Lyrica (which is designed for neurological pain and for diabetic neuropathy - both of which I have)

Painkillers - Tramadol and paracetamol combined

Zamudol - another Tramadol tablet (2 lots of tramadol??)

Anyway just thought I would say, as I’ve been harping on about this rib pain for months and I know that others on here also talk about having rib pain so maybe they have nerve damage too and perhaps its worth asking about this.

hi Peacock,

Thanks for the info it’s definately worth knowing as I’m sure I’m not the only one to panic every time I get a twinge.

Re your diabetic neuropathy, my OH is diabetic and also gets neuropathic pain in his feet which can often be really bad. He is on anatryptin or something is that the same as Lyrica do you know?

Hello Caz

I haven’t actually got diabetic neuropathy, even though having had diabetes for 40 years I suppose I’ve been lucky on that side of it. My neuropathy is down to chemo SE with numb fingers and feet.

Amitryptaline is a good muscle relaxant as well as other things it is a drug used for many purposes, including shingle pain. Neurological pain is the same type of pain, so perhaps it is the same as Lyrica, which is also used for shingle pain. If you google Amitryptaline it will give you all its uses. Does it help your OH?

Take Care


Hi Peacock,
Yeh it does help but makes him very tired. Also he’s not too keen on taking it as not sure of side effects. Apparently its usually prescribed for people with epilepsy and depression.

Thanks for info