Rib pain

Hello - can anyone share their advice or experience?
I had WLE Dec 15 then chemo and radiotherapy which finished July 16 - ( triple Neg BC no nodes) worried sick about rib pain started 4 weeks ago then improved now back with a vengeance. Don’t mind the pain as such it’s the worry of recurrence in the bone.
Oncologist suggested a radioactive bone scan but frankly I’d rather avoid more radiation ( had other primary cancer years ago treated with rad also!) plus I just can’t face it if it showed spread.
Anyone else had the scan or is this just better seen as side effect? Sorry it’s just really upsetting me (my head is not together at the moment at all) - desperately trying to ignore it I think. Any help appreciated thank you all

Hi Littlemum, Youve been through a lot and every twinge can set alarm bells ringing, My ribs were tender for a while after rads and still flare up 18 months on, I was warned it was a side effect and talking to ladies here who suffer the same is reassuring, not that they are suffering of course but that your not the only one!! 

The pain can be quite sharp especially on reaching upwards but it settles then goes so I try not to stress about it , the worry of reacurrance isn’t ever going to leave us completely but I try and lock it away and not let it take over my life Xx Jo 

Thanks Jo. Much appreciated. It was the doctor saying about the bone scan which completely shook me but he probably just wanted to reassure me. Good luck with your continued recovery and thank you.