rib swelling -confused any advice please

Hi all I have had a slight ‘puffy’ type swelling for about 1 year just under boob on rib cage it goes from under boob to the middle chest.had 5 year check back in august and ‘signed off’ from them -mentioned it to them and said although not painful just feels odd bit tightish at times. it is visable puffiness but not dramaticly so -asked them could it be something like mild lymphodema (just was interested really what the heck it might be)- it was dismissed out of hand and was told 'there are no lymph nodes there’Just thinking it maybe some sort of slight lymph sluggishness or some such thing.Is this familiar to anybody-it’s not hard just soft puffiness-wouldn’t it have gone solid by now if it was lymphodema-i dunno- any imput gratefully received many thanks

I have a swelling mid way down the rib cage on one side and it has been treated as Lymphoedema. There is thickening of the area which shows as fluid on ultrasound. Everybody I show it to puts it down to fluid not secondaries but like you I have the odd worry.
I hope you get it sorted to put your mind at ease.

thanks for that cackles. I’m not concerned that it is anything directly bc connected really, just more puzzling than anything-unpleasant sensation bit achy thats all-feel a bit of a fraud mentioning it when others have it severely…Maybe i will see if i can get it defined as lymph or just some other oddity! I don’t know if i have to be referred or if i can just call the bc unit and book it that way?-I guess it’s how it is with all this stuff -don’t want to leave it till it gets worse or is a problem but don’t want to take up clinic time when there are others more in need and may be nothing- oh the joys!