Rib tenderness

Im 2 years since finishing chemo and Radiotherapy, but have noticed lately i have a tender spot that is at least one inch below my bra strap. Could this be from Radiotherapy, would it have covered beyond the breast area? There isnt a lump, its not red or anything , it just tender . Thank you

I also had radiation after surgery and have a tender spot but at the crease before my armpit. The radiation oncologist says there is no swelling and is not concerned but I do wonder…why?

Is the tender spot within the radiation field? Have you decided be anything to bruise the area? If not mention it to your oncology team

I didn’t think it was, its 1 inch below my bra line. No, nothing to do with any bruising . Thank you for replying x

I’m half way through 15 sessions of rt to left chest wall following mastectomy of left breast. I mentioned at yesterday’s session that I feel like I’ve been poked in the ribs about an inch below the outer side of my right breast. I was told it is probably due to holding my breath during my treatment.

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Hi im replying to this post cause im not sure how to write post here. After mamogram right arm hurt day after above elbow underneath arm near arm pit then neck stared hurting kinda like a pinched nerve if i use either arm i get a pinched shooting pain down right arm feels like a shock then like i hit my funny bone feeling but all the time. Has anyone had this experience could it be from the mamogram

Dear Dogslover

Thanks for your post asking about tender spot that you have noticed below your bra strap.

It’s not possible to know what the tender spot might be due to, however some people experience pain or discomfort after radiotherapy treatment, as @bethdarling and @ isitreallyme have experienced. However, as this sounds like a recent tenderness you have noticed, we suggest letting your treatment team or GP know, as @ SMBW18 suggests. You could also contact your breast care nurse. They can assess the area for you and tell you the most likely cause and suggest ways to manage the pain.

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