Ribociclib dose reductions

Has anyone had more than one dose reduction on Ribociclib ? I am only into cycle four of Ribociclib ( plus Fulvestrant )for bone mets and am now down to the last dose reduction so about to start on just 200 mg . This is because my neutrophils keep going too low and I have to have extra time off to recover .I suppose to try and keep going on something is better than nothing but wondered if others have had to drop to 200 mg . Maybe it’s just because I’m 75 that my body just won’t deal with it but I don’t really have many other side effects on the drug .
At the end of the day, I have to do what my oncologist says I must do but I’m a bit discouraged .


Please dont worry. I started on 400mg as my first round of Ribociclib started in Dec ladt year and i didn’t want to feel ill ovet xmas. I had enough to deal with as the diagnosis of bone mets happened late Oct.

Anyway despite being really fit and well normally my neutrophils dropped and i had to take a break then go to 200mg. 1 year on and last scan showed medication was working well, and my neutrophils just remain above 1 each month. So i’ve been consistent now on the meds.

There is nothing you can do besides ensure you eat well and eat your greens!

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Thankyou so much for that encouragement. I think I’ll be happy if I can just continue on 200 mg but my body of course will do what it does and beyond my control so yes healthy eating and do one’s best .