Ribociclib - when to take it


I was diagnosed with bone Mets in August 2020 and am about to start ribociclib. I am also on letrozole, which I have been taking in the morning in the vain hope I’d avoid the bad night sweats. I haven’t avoided night sweats!!!

Do any of you notice any difference in side effects for either of these medications depending on what time of day you take them?


I was I initially advised to take Ribociclib in the morning (just over a year ago) but now the advice is to take it at the same time each day - I think a few hours either way is ok, as long as it is roughly the same time each day, so I take it in the evening now as I can feel a bit out of it s few hours after taking it, and obviously this is easier when I’m asleep rather than at work mid-morning.

all the best, Kinden xx

Ive been taking ribociclib for over a year now and although I’ve had a dose reduction it’s working really well and recently great scan results. I’ve always taken it in the morning with breakfast as it’s the best time for me to remember at the same time each day which means that the levels of drug remains more constant in the body. I have to take it with food or I feel nauseated but this has improved with time… and drink lots of water which really helps too.

All very individual I’m sure with timing. Good luck :crossed_fingers: x

I was I at first encouraged to take Ribociclib toward the beginning of the day (a little more than a year prior) yet now the counsel is to take it simultaneously every day - I think a couple of hours whichever way is alright, as long as it is generally a similar time every day, so I take it at night now as I can get a handle on a touch of it s few hours subsequent to taking it, and clearly this is simpler when Im sleeping instead of at work early in the day.