I have just found this forum.  I was diagnosed with primary in Oct 2020 and secondary aug 2022.  Im on my first line - ribociclib, letrozole, denosumab and zoladex.  I have spinal mets.  Had second mastectomy last week and feeling sore.  I’m 47 with a 9 year old and very soon to be 11 year old.  

Looking for some inspiration that it works despite the hideous side effects.  Anyone???

Dear @CLM20  

I hope you are doing ok today, and that you’re finding our forum helpful.

I found this page about ribociclib that may be useful to read through. If you find that you’d like to chat to someone from our team of breast care nurses, you can call us on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm), or post a question to our nurses in these boards.

Sending our warmest wishes



I’ve just found your post and wondered how you are getting on? I’m about to start Ribociclib and Letrozole next week. I’m also having the zoladex injections.

I’m also similar age/children situ to you.  

thank you, I really hope it’s going ok x 

Hi both, I’m on ribociclib too with letrozole, I had my ovaries out 8 years ago as a precaution. I had primary breast cancer 13.6 years ago and have been diagnosed with secondary cancer this February. I’ve had one cycle of ribociclib on my week off now. It’s not been too bad this first one, just wondering if it will get worse the more I have? I’m 47 youngest is 14, one 18 and eldest 26 (special needs). Interested to know if you take yours at night or in the mornings? I took at night and have struggled to sleep not through anxiety just wide awake! Then shattered in the morning then I can’t sleep again at night! No snoozes either! 
how’s your hair? I usually wash mine daily, now I don’t need to!