I am currently being investigated for nipple discharge, bilateral multicoloured, a smear was taken and blood was found. I have been told to go back to the consultant on 29th May, im presuming they are waiting to see if anything develops infection etc.

This question is mainly for the older women, I have been going through the menopause for a few years now, I am 50 and recently noticed my breasts are changing and I am feeling ridges (under the skin ) which I can actually follow with my fingers it only notices on the top of my nipple on my right side. I asked the consultant and he said it was normal breast tissue but I cant seem to feel it any where else. I have no pain or rashes, just some twinges sometimes.

Any ideas?

Yvonne xx

My lump was contained within a ridge, which my surgeon said was quite common in “larger” women as they get older. It is a ridge of hard tissue which seems to help support the weight of the breast. The ridge did me a favour…because I went about that, they found my lump, grade 3, 45mm, and I’m 41/

Hope this helps you a bit…