RIP.. Barton ( fran)

I have posted a longer thread on the cape thread but our lovely fran has just got her wings .
We met regularly for coffee and I am so lucky to have had two years friendship from a lovely kind lady.
Sending regards to Trish for her sisterly devotion over the last few months. Xxxxx​:heart::heart::heart::heart:

Hello Carolyn, I have posted on the Cape thread about lovely Barton. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting her, as you know, I missed her very much when she stepped away from the forum. Condolences to her sister, family and friends and of course to you, it was clear from both your posts you were good friends. Thank you for letting us know. RIP Barton xxx

May she rest in peace, what a lovely lady she was xx

I went to her funeral today …lovely gentle service. .a nice poem,eulogy and 2 lovely Enya songs.
Rest in peace love fran …fly free without pain .

May she rest in peace.