RIP Moijan

RIP Moijan


It is with great sadness I write to share with you that Moijan died on Wed 26th Sept. 

I spoke to her husband last night and he asked me to pass on the news. She passed peacefully at St Catherine’s Hospice, West Sussex & East Surrey.


Moijan became my friend a few years ago after we met through the forum and spent some happy afternoons in my garden and many times FaceTiming late at night. She was a lover of bell ringing and had many friends, but to the forum she built up a whole new collection of friends and was always trying to help all of us with our own difficulties, rarely asking for support herself. As a Community Champion she served us well, absolutely focussed on trying to help and suppport us and I’m sure she will be greatly missed by all.


I‘m sure you will join me in passing our sympathies to Paul, her family and friends.


…We often joked about who would go first, well, you beat me to it, Moijan, but I look forward to seeing you again sometime for some tea and sunshine xxx


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I am so very sorry, and send my sympathy to her husband, family and friends. I have only been ‘here’ a few months, but I often saw that unusual name, who was offering advice and care, and she is a sad loss . . . . xxx

Rip Moijan

We met a couple of times when she was on holiday in the area and she was very sociable to everyone on the forum and helpful.
Free of pain …fly free lovely Jan.



Rest in Peace lovely lady


My thoughts are with Paul and the family



Sad news. She was very supportive to me when I was first diagnosed. Best wishes to her family x

Oh goodness, have just seen the news on the CC thread.
I had been in pm contact with M, but had not heard anything recently.
Fly high M

Rest in peace Moijan. Thank you for your invaluable support & advice on the forum and particularly to me on the Chemo buddy needed, anyone else on eribulin thread. You will be missed, my thoughts are with your family & friends xx

How sad to hear this news . RIP Moijan.
Sincere best wishes to family and friends.

I did not know Moijan personally. I always noted her kind and supportive replies to people, alongwith her distinctive name and avatar!

Chick ? X

I am incredibly shocked to read this thread, and I know many others are too, who had become the friend of this wonderful lady. Moijan and I were in contact sporadically away from the forum over the last 2 years, and had spoken on the phone a few times. It was only a few weeks ago (wish I could recall the date, but some time in the Summer!), that in her true self-less way, she asked me to come onto the forum and help out other people that she was worried about, something she would do with regularity! She never turned away from trying to help with the most difficult subject matters, areas where many felt they couldn’t help and avoided going. She didn’t want people to feel isolated and alone with their thoughts when they were facing the most desperate of health concerns, she recognised how frightening that was and put herself in the place of listening.


When we spoke, she made no mention of herself as being that ill, and did talk about her treatments and how low she felt at times as was on some final measures, but was fighting hard. Moijan’s concern about others always came above her own needs on this forum, she was an absolute credit to the CC scheme, as always responded with one eye on sympathy and the other on being practical, ethical, accurate and positive in the words she used. She was a true believer in doing good for others, and ‘making a difference’. I’m sure in future years when people come on here and read her words they will feel comfort. I honestly don’t know what else to say, other than, I’m so sorry I had no idea she was at the end of her life and send my very best wishes to Paul and her family. I’d like you to know that Moijan’s bravery, resilience in the face of adversity and deep genuine love for people shone through on this site. I’m sure that the ‘real life’ person will leave a massive hole in the lives of the people who loved her. x


(Thanks HelenA for putting this post here, it is appreciated).

So very sad to hear about Moijan, She was unfailingly kind and supportive and my thoughts are with her family x

My sympathies also to Jan’s loved ones.  We did try to set up a local support group but somehow always seemed to just be the two of us!  She was always so willing to do the driving because travelling was difficult for me.  I always thought she had so much energy compared to me - bell ringing and zipping around, although last time our paths crossed at clinic she had taken to using a walking stick.  I will also remember her fabulous eye-catching wigs.


Helen - Thank you for your touching post.  Although forum members can be great virtual friends, sometimes we worry about intruding upon private grief if we haven’t heard from someone for a while. 

RIP Moijan, a beautiful kind gentle lady who looked after so many of us on our journeys. My love, thoughts and prayers are with your family. Moijan I know you’ll be looking after everyone’s cats darling lady. Thank you for everything ???:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx