Risk reducing breast surgery

Hey everyone!

I’ve recently found out that I have the BRCA 1 mutation. I’ve just turned 30 and I’m looking to have a double mastectomy. I’m finding it all very over whelming and was wondering if anyone here had a similar story / could share there risk reducing surgery with me? Any information would be amazing!


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Hi @sophie10, welcome! I’m in the same situation (BRCA mutation and in my 30s) and at the same stage as you are (still need to decide what to do. Although I can’t be of help right now, feel free to drop me a message!

I’ve seen my surgeon before Easter and she was leaning pretty much in favour of double mastectomy given the risk profile. I think the key decision is implant vs using your own fat tissue. I’m seeing an oncoplastic surgeon later this week and hopefully we can discuss this further.

I’m fairly skinny (but do have a bit of a tummy) and I’m wondering whether I’ll have enough fat for both breasts but the ladies here on the forum had a good experience so far.

What is bothering you most about the surgery?

I forgot to mention that I’ve already been diagnosed with cancer in one of the breasts and re-reading your message I don’t think you have! It’s quite different in this case of course but happy to be of help where I can.

Hi Sophie

I’m in the same boat trying to decide whether to have double mastectomy after BRACA 2 mutation diagnosis. I constantly keep changing my mind. Next step for me is to discuss with surgeons about reconstruction and possible complications, I’m hoping after this I will know which way to go. It’s such a difficult decision at any age, I’m 60!! Hope you can get some useful feedback on this forum.

Speaking from someone trying to protect against a recurrence (which I have had after a 1 % risk and now facing into months of chemo and radio therapy) and knowing what I know now I would do a double mx in a heartbeat to stop it coming in the first place. I took an aggressive approach and it still made its way back.

Surgeons are really skilled these days and what they can achieve has moved on so much. If it helps ask for percentage risk reduction.

I wanted a Diep but didn’t have enough fat however very pleased with results and surgery is a lot easier as is the recovery.

It’s a hard decision when you are healthy I get to make. If it’s something that will continue to hanging over you then consider this too. Best of luck