Risk reducing surgery!! Where should I get it done???

Hello everybody!
I have had a very busy month. In Oct 2010 i found out I had the BRCA 1 alteration. Thankfully I have not been diagnosed with BC but have lost family members to BC and ovarian cancer. In February this year I decided that having a bilateral mastectomy and recon is the way for me to go. I am 29 years old and have two children aged 6 and 3. I want to do everything I can to prevent BC.
This month I have seen a couple of breast surgeons as I was advised to get more than one opinion. The appoinments went well and now I am trying to decide where to have the surgery. At the end of the day my main aim is to reduce my risk but I am also worried about the recon. I know I am lucky to have the opportunity to prevent getting bc and not many women have this choice. I am most likely going to have expanders and implants but I don’t know how to decide which surgeon to go with or does it not really matter?
I’m getting really anxious about it and want to make the right decision. Has anyone got any advice or had similar experiences? All of a sudden it is feeling very real and a bit overwhelming.
Thank you for reading,
Pocahontas xx

Hi Pocahontas

you could maybe ask them both if you can see photographs of their work… most surgeons would be happy to shoow these to you and the finished product might help you to decide… if not i would just go with the one you feel you would get on with best.

take care xxx

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