Rock Hard Implant anyone???

Hi All,
Am wondering if anyone has this or has experienced it.
I had my mastectomy and reconstruction last july followed by 38 sessions of Rads. My reconstruction is fantastic and looks great and due to genetic issues, I have recently had a mastectomy and reconstruction to my healthy breast- however, since having the other side done, I have noticed just how solid and immobile my original implant is. My new implant can be moved and is soft and pliable. My original implant is solid and cannnot be moved at all- its “stuck”. I know that rads can affect an implant- but to this extreme? In truth it didnt bother me as I had nothing to compare it to, but now the other side is done, I can really feel the difference-in fact the doctor at my pre op for this time round asked me if it was always as hard as this!
On the face of it, they both look fantastic and I am really happy, but I have now got it into my head that its not right and they will end up removing it which is my worst fear (I would run away as there is no way they are having these babies back now- ha!) I would really love to hear from anyone in a similar situation or your views on this and from anyone that has had to have an implant removed.

Hi Katy, I’ll be interested to hear other people’s comments on this too. I had a mastectomy and immediate recon with implant - about 4 months ago. I’ve not had - and, as far as I know at the moment, will not be having radiotherapy - but I am still going through chemo. My implant is definitely hard and immobile - its certainly not soft and pliable as you say your latest addition is. It may be that I need to give it more time to settle in - and perhaps until I finish chemo - but I would definitely prefer a little more softness. Perhaps I am expecting too much. I am, though, otherwise really pleased with the result.

Over to others.


I had immediate LD reconstruction with implant, but didn’t have radiotherapy or chemotherapy. My reconstructed breast took ages to heal and settle (I was wearing dressings for almost 9 months). It felt very hard all over for quite a while, then very gradually little areas began to soften. After about 10 months it felt and looked perfectly normal. In this case, the hardness wasn’t caused by the implant, but fluid (oedema) in the tissue - I think people can get this to varying degrees - and it does eventually disperse.