Roller coaster of emotions



i was diagnosed at the end of November with grade 3 invasive ductile carcinoma. I always new I was at risk as my mum had breast cancer in her mid forties but I have just turned thirty and I’m a single mum to a six year old boy. I am experiencing a mixture of emotions. Having had a masectomy and complete node clearance I am now facing chemo to start at the end of January and I am absolutely petrified. I don’t want to loose my hair and have people look at me in the playground knowing I’ve got cancer :(. 


Im trying to decide whether or not to get my hair cut before treatment as I have very long hair and whether I should look at wigs now or wait until hair starts to fall out.


any advice I’d be grateful

Hi there…

sorry to hear that you to have joined the club!! I was diagnosed in December with grade 3 invasive like you. I’m on neo adjuvant chemo to aim to shrink the tumor which is large before surgery is done… My first chemo was on Christmas Eve. For me the first 4 days were rough and when I thought maybe I had turned a corner at day 8, my temperature went up and I was admitted to hospital for 3 days due to neutropenia. This is my story and everyone is different so don’t gauge what will lhappen for you. Hoping all goes well. I’ve got an a appt with oncologist on the 12th jan before my second chemo on the 14th, that is if my bloods are good enough…we will all reach the finish line but the journey may be a little bumpy sometimes. Keep focused, positive and be stronger than the dreaded invader.take care deb x

Hi, come and join us on the January 2016 chemo starters thread (going through treatment - chemo monthly threads) I’m starting chemo after 18 Jan and others are starting this week. I’ve also been checking out the Dec 2015 starters thread too. There’s loads of chat and advise in both threads and some links too. These 2 are good
(Hope they work!)
I’m getting my hair cut on Friday because I’ve decided against cold capping and think it might just be easier to do that and get a short wig at the same time. I thought it might be an easier transition from wig to newly grown hair if it is a short wig too!
We’re all here to help you through it, this forum is a good place to be xxx