Hi my name is Sarah

new to the forum

i was diagnosed 13 yrs ago with her2 + breast cancer stage 3 mastectomy radiotherapy herceptin diep reconstruction( gosh what a lot we all go through!) somehow I got back on the horse with children at home and a return to work and apart from lymphodema which was hard to adjust to, put cancer behind me pretty much……. Then wam…….I took myself to breast care centre as I was struggling to move with a painful sternum…. It was initially dismissed as costocondritis but I persisted and an X-ray then biopsy confirmed mets…

what a blow…… since then my feelings are all over the place…. Sometimes numb and detached other times very emotional and thoughts Of terminal and funeral etc

it seems so difficult to get a balanced perspective on things when there is so much uncertainty.

luckily I have a 2 year old grand daughter that I care for a lot and she forces me to live in the moment…

I have found my secondary diagnosis much harder to cope with partly my NHS experience has been pretty poor this time which doesn’t feel containing…

Hope my share is useful to others

good to talk openly to peeps who are going through similar 

Sarah xxx