Rosehip seed oil

Has anyone used rose hip seed oil on scars?

Yes, and it’s brilliant. Apparently you need to use it for minimum of 3 months for best results. I only used it for a month on a lumpectomy scar three years ago, but I notice that everyone (surgeons included) compliment me on it, so I figure it must be good! Am currently using it on portacath scar and am hoping it will do a similar job.

Good luck.

where is the best place to buy it from and how much is it ???


Mine is from a place online called little green nursery.

ok will have a look


Thanks. I just bought mine from Neal’s Yard. I was told that it’s very good on scars


just went on web site and ordered some oil …
looks a good little site…


another good web site is essentially oils. they are very reasonable and no postage charge. Im using pure vitamin E oil at the moment, too early to tell you of great results!
jo x