Round and round I go!

Hello ladies


Just after some kind words.


So, after a period of relative calm I am back on the anxiety merry go round! :( 


Was doing really well and feeling really good and then I read a post about tumeric and discovered that it must not be taken during chemo.  Yup, I did as I thought it was really healthy and helped against breast cancer and so remember having sprinkled on mash and fish etc and even had it in drinks!  Even though my chemo was 3 years ago and I have only just discovered this it’s playing on my mind now and the what if’s and the why did I do that etc.  


Just wish I could find a way to stop worrying about things. Just makes me want to cry! :( 


Anyone else like me?









Hi Mystery Mouse - I can totally sympathise with how you are feeling. It doesn’t take much to tip us over the edge. But you need to remember that you have had a period of calm and you can and will get there again.


I don’t know where you read about turmeric and chemo but I have just been on Cancer Research’s site to see what they say about turmeric - here’s the link (I hope):


It doesn’t have any warnings about taking turmeric with chemo, in fact they say that combining turmeric with chemo may be good. I’m afraid I haven’t researched any other sites, so would be interested to find out where you read that.


It’s very hard to stop worrying as there is so much out there about BC in the media. Every time I open a magazine or newspaper there is something about it so it’s impossible to escape it and forget. Someone advised me to set aside a certain fixed time each day/week for worrying and then try to ignore the worries outside that fixed time. Easier said than done, but could be worth a go?


In the meantime I’m sending you lots of hugs.

Evie xx



It’s so hard when you think the worst of it is all over and your getting on with life then something like this pops up and sets you in to a tail spin again! nothing you ate or drank 3 years ago is going to have done you any harm if it hasn’t caused a problem by now , I’m sure the advise about turmeric is to do with the affect on your blood during treatment so isn’t advisable but it’s nothing you need to be worrying about now, I know I shouldn’t be drinking as much wine as I do but I do it anyway! ??Xx Jo 


Hello MysteryMouse,


So sorry to hear about your worry. …

During my treatments, I too had turmeric cooked with food and not as a supplement. Have asked my oncologist and the only thing he asked me to avoid is taking any herbal concoctions. 


Looking at the brighter side, turmeric has a list of benefits…


Hope that you will feel better and not think too much.


Take care and hugs, Belle xxx

You are most welcome, MM


Hope that you are alright and everything is good.

Wishing you calm and happy days. Take care, Belle xxx