Royal mail and results

After waiting for my test results impatiently I took advice from many of you and phoned the breast clinic … They were surprised by my call as they had sent my letter out days ago… Anyway they read my letter out over the phone … And I am off through the door marked freedom…
I just posted this to thank everyone on here I have posted with for all the support and advice you have given me and helped me get through the waiting period wishing everyone all the best I can’t really thank you all enough
Helen xx

Helen, That is wonderful news. Thank you so much for coming back on and telling us. Bet you are glad you phoned the Breast Clinic. It is not just Royal Mail that can let us down. Often we need to contact the hospital when results do not come through as things do get lost. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and can celebrate this wonderful news with your loved ones. Best wishes from Val

Helen, congratulations on your good news.
You’re not the only person who has cause to complain about hospital letters
Problem is when the letter is typed and signed up, it goes to the post room. What happens after that is anybody’s guess.
I’ve had hospital appointment letters arrive days after the actual appointment date and some that never arrive, I’ve even had letters arrive with no postage and I have to go to the local sorting office to pick it up as the postman is not allowed to collect the underpaid postage!
Best of luck for the future and hope you never need to find yourself here again.

Whoooo, really pleased for you hunni xxxxxx

HURRAH! So pleased for you. Now go and celebrate. In the nicest possible way, hope we don’t see you back here :slight_smile:

Wonderful, wonderful news, all the very best to you xx

Fabulous news,Happy

Whoopeeeeeeeee…congrats and everything…I love it when ladies get the door marked freedom…fantastic…best wishes…hope you never have to post on here again…v niceley of course…off you go now and CELEBRATE!!!

sooooooooooo pleased 4 u great news x