RT and then delayed RT query

Is there anyone on the forums who has had full blast RT and then a good result with the LD?

I would` like to hear from you please. I really want to know if a good result is at all possible with this on a slim person.


Hi T,

I am very slim, had my mx, chemo, rads in 2007 and then an LD flap in Feb his year, with implants put in a few weeks ago. The point about the LD is that you have a flap of skin from your back which is then able to be stretched to accommodate the recon. My PS told me that I was not suitable for implants only because of rads damage to my skin, but an LD flap would be fine. Because I had shrunk years ago from breast feeding three children, I also had an implant put in my good side, and I am delighted with the results.

I was treated in Leicester.