Rumours of radiotherapy

Bit like when you have a baby you hear all the bad bits and not necessarily the good bits. I am dreading having my radiotherapy - planning Thursday!  I should stop looking at information. I am getting worked up. It’s in my make up I think - I did with my first mammogram and now I’m an old pro having had BC twice. Any reassurances would be great.





As you say like everything you always read about people’s worst experiences, the people who have had no problems at all dont post.  Like everything we go through in our treatment for bc, it is fear of the unknown and then once you have started that particular bit of treatment it is not as bad as you thought it would be.


I had 20 sessions of rads over 5 weeks.  To be honest it was the journey back and forwards every day that was what got to me.  I did have some soreness around the nipple area but on the whole my skin did not break down.  I moisturised 3 times a day and took my cream with me so that I could apply it when I was getting dressed again.  Drink plenty of fluids as that will help with any dehydration you might experience from the rads.


The first rads session is the longest as they go through all the measurements etc from the oncologist and they will probably have a chat with you before to go through what is going to happen so that can take about half an hour.  After that the whole thing takes about 10/15 minutes including getting into your gown and getting dressed again.


Your team will keep a good eye on you and how your skin is doing, if you are concerned about anything always ask them as they will be able to reassure you.


Helena xxx





I know what you mean about hearing all the rumours but it’s not too scary at all.  I am on day 4 of rads today,  it takes longer to line you up on the machine than the actual treatment is a few minutes.  So far no side effects but I have stopped worked for the 4 weeks of rads so I can rest when/if I need to.

Using aloe vera gel which I put on in the changing room and drinking lots of water.

Hope all goes well for you keep us updated xx