Running bra & Lymphodema


I am hoping to go back to running post surgery and chemotherapy. I had a single mastectomy and lymph node clearance.

I am wondering if anyone has any sports bra advice as I need good support. I am wondering what to do about using a softie or just running with one boob. And is there anything to consider about bra choice given lymph node removal.

Many thanks for any help

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Hiya @mumrunner

Thanks for asking this question. I had exactly the same procedure as you in late December, and am wondering the same thing. I have only just got back to walking 5K at the moment, but hope to get back to running soon, hopefully before what happens next happens. I am waiting to find out what that is at present (after Oncotype DX results are back), but want to be as fit as I can to withstand it.

I have a fitting with Nicola Jane in February, after I have had my prosthesis fitted, and was planning to speak to them about it.

I have noticed what I feel may be a bit of lymphoedema under my arm when I take off my post-surgery bra. There’s much more of an indentation in the skin than on the non-surgery side. I’m seeing a physio tomorrow about some cording, so I will ask her about it, and what I can do. I will also ask about running bras and will post back if she has some good advice.

Take care

Karen x

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I wear sports bras from Decathlon. I have only had sentinel node biopsies both sides so not quite the same risk of lymphoedema. I have found the bras very supportive with no “jiggle”

I had a single sided mastectomy in 2020 and had a WLE on the other side last summer. I am only an A/B cup and chose not to have reconstruction or use any kind of breast form. I haven’t noticed any problems while running