Running & exercise on Chemo

Hi all
I was a keen runner before all this as was told by Mum consultant ‘no running’ although recommends walking, cycling, swimming etc.
I really miss it and although I don’t always feel up to it, in my 3rd week I felt normal.
Any tips/ info would be helpful… I dont want to overdo it and make affect my treatment/ recovery x

Dear Coxleonie


I did and still do exercise.  I had neo adjuvant Chemo with mild side effects but certainly wasn’t up to running. I did lots of walking, changed from Zumba to Zumba Gold (aimed at older age), took up pilates but i lost strength in my legs, some days i went upstairs on my hands and knees i couldn’t have run or cycled.  My consultant advised against swimming due to infection.


After Surgery i picked up most things within 3/4 weeks.  Walked a lot which is usual for me.


By12 weeks after surgery i took back up with spinning/ leg exercises as the muscles were very weak.


Hope this is helpful.  Take Care  Butterfly x  

Yes,walking in the fresh air,Pilates is brilliant.Maybe get a programme in the gym to suit your needs…don’t overdo it.No medals given for overcoming it.Also,listen to your body.

Thank you.
You are right… I don’t want to overdo it and undo all the hard work the chemo is doing.
I am walking most days when I can and going to yoga weekly, although some of the upside down moves make me wobbly!
I too am learning to slow down and enjoying tea with friends and socialising… How am I ever going to go back to work! ?

This time last year I was mid chemo having had mx and recon. I returned to yoga and body balance and walking 3 weeks after the op and continued about 5 times a week throughout treatment. In March/April I returned to combat and aquarobics classes. The physical exercise made me feel so much better and kept my strength and flexibility.

I believe that if you were exercising before then carry on doing it - wouldn’t recommend taking up anything new and strenuous. Follow what feels right for your body.

Hello :slight_smile:

Im very unfit but as part of a local initiative for cancer patients im in the gym every other day for 30 mins , its only 20 mins on treadmill at slightly faster than my usual walking pace and set to a slight incline then 10 mins on bike with resistance set again to a slight hill but this is all backed by my doctors and nurses . So if totally unfit me is able to exercise the it should be OK for someone who was fit beforehand to when they feel up to it :slight_smile: My trainer said do what you can when you can so if all yoy feel up to is a walk then thats what you do . Im in my 17th week of neoadjuvant chemo so I dont have surgical scars etc to worry about which I guess could make a difference.

We are focusing on getting me vascularly fit for surgery so im not doing weights or resistance stuff at the moment but they said if I had been fitter then that would be part of the programme so pilates, toning etc should be OK. Im picking these up post surgery before rads.

I guess you need to do what you feel up to and take anything you do as good enough for that day, it might be hard to go to a gym and walk on a treadmill if you are used to running on it or powerwalk that road you used to jog down but its better than being bored at home o a day wherw you feel well enough x

Thank you… I have been walking every day but maybe need to pick up the pace!
That gym incentive seems great ESP when backed by the doctors and professionals. X

Thank you… Never to late for advice. I have been walking but not with purpose/ speed… More pottering.
I had planned a brisk evening walk… Maybe even break into a cheeky jog when no one was looking but my mother in law invited me for tea so I ate my body weight instead ?.
I really want to get a routine going ESP swimming to help muscle tone as I used to run twice a week… Love being part of an event … Did wolf run/ triathlon and half marathon before all this…palnning to do race for life this year with all the females I can possibly muster! Might be an emotional one though :heart:

Hi I’ve only seen this thread. Can I also advise caution. I was neutropeanic on my first 2 cycles. Up until then I had been doing bodybalance and gym workouts. When my onc heard she told me to stop both until after chemo. The Docetaxol drops your immune system morequickly snd you have a greater risk of infection. If your immune system is fine then carryon but if you develop neutropeania then double check with your onc.
I am now back in the gym following my mastectomy and have set a recovery programme with the trainer. I did walk as much as I could during chemo but as has already been said, sometimes even getting up stairs was hard and had to stop halfway.
All the best for your treatment.

Thank u… I’m on cycle two and ok so far… I’ve been walking regularly but as a keen runner in itching to go and blow some cobwebs ?

I say keep going if your body feels it’s OK. Be careful not to overdo it and expose yourself to infection. Exercise definitely helped me through.