What is the recommended time after surgery can I start running and going to gym. Also how long after surgery can I start lifting weights etc or doing body pump? I had a lumpectomy and WLE with 3 sentinial nodes removed in June but wound has only just healed

I’d ring the breast care nurse who will be able to look at your notes. I had conflicting advice about using the gym and all I was asking about was leg-strengthening and stamina stuff. On the Moving Forward course after I’d completed the full menu of treatments, it was assumed we were all exercising, yet I’d been told not to. It must be an individual case issue. The important thing is not automatically returning to your former exercise regime without being shown the ideal way to lift weights to strengthen your breast/chest wall and minimise the chance of damage because even a lumpectomy does a little muscle-damage.


Currently my gym membership is for cups of tea! Good luck x

My physio helped with this part of my recovery. I go to CrossFit classes and wanted to do them after my reconstruction- my understanding is that you can do normal exercise 6 weeks after, ask to see specialist physio, they should be able to help. 

Denzel, you really need to check with your Onco. Every one is so different with healing times etc, and also you need to be careful re Lymphodaema . I ignored advice re gardening, heavy lifting etc and have 1% Lymphodaema in my right arm. I had full WLE. I do go to the gym 3x week but mainly cycling, bit rowing, lots swimming and stretching classes. Took over a year to get my energy back, but you sound a lot younger than me. I’m 72. Best wishes in your fitness quest. X

Having a small gym at home is definitely a convenient option! It’s great that you’re able to prioritize your fitness and make it a part of your daily routine.