running on empty..

Hi havent posted much in a while and only seem to for a whinge…sorry! I’m certain i’m not alone sometimes thinking enough is enough.However, not being one to quut, I know i’ll soldier on :slight_smile: Now back to working about 22 hours a week about 16 of those in cleaning and the rest in special needs.Seem to have given up sleeping partly due to hip/leg pain and cramps plus just damn well not being able to sleep! Averaging about 4 hours a night and by 11 in the morning some days I am done! Joint pains, back ache, fatigue and a strange new phenomenon which feels as if i’m walking on broken toes and a kind of numbness in them a bit like if they were very cold so i’m hobbling which doesnt help posture and my back! Occasional days of little pain are bliss…most seem to be an endurance test of how much i can get done before i can sit down again. Anyone that doesnt know me I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast and kidney cancer in June '16 followed in Nov 16 by lumpectomy and 18 nodes removed and right kidney removed.Most people now assume I’m back to normal as I’m working the same hours as before, acting again and socializing.I just wish I wasnt warn out and grinni g and bearing it.I know tou lovely people will understand.xx

Spelling mistakes show how tired I am…sorry!:slight_smile:



Hiya ovely to hear from you and I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time at the moment.  Listen this is the place where you can rant, rave, whinge whatever as we all totally understand and can relate to it.  You especially have had a hard time because of having the kideny cancer as well, so no wonder you are feeling the way you do. 


Have you spoken to a professional about the issues you have with your toe numbness and the way you are are feeling generally?


Sending you loads of hugs xxxx

Hi ladybowler…no, had check ups for breast and told everything normal and to be expected on anastrozole.Am using ibroprofen gel on my feet knees hips and ankles.I havent been able to have my bone infusions for a year as i have had a mouth abscess on the roof of my mouth for ten months now and may well have to have a tooth extracted and a denture as its at the front.I needed that like a hole in the head! So I expect some bone problems from that.Think having no more than 4 or so hours of sleep at night and the shop cleaning I do for 3 and a half hours a morning up and down stairs is just telling on me…or so i tell myself! X

I am on letrozole following a year of chemotherapy,surgery and radiotherapy to treat stage 3 breast cancer with  positive lymph nodes. I started taking letrozole 5 months ago & I am aware of varying amounts of stiffness and pain throughout the day. My hands are painful on waking and sore to clench. I walk down the stairs one step at a time as knees & feet are stiff. However by the time I’ve had my morning coffee I am usually back to my usual self . Exercise was recommended to help with the joint stiffness, so I try to do some yoga daily and this does tend to help, I also cycle once a week and have joined the  gym on a GP referral and follow an exercise programme  that has been structured to help with the stiffness and joint pain… During the day if I sit or stand for long periods I also become very stiff and feel like my body is old and doesn’t bend like it use to 6 months ago, even simple tasks like bending to pick something off the floor can be difficult since starting the hormone therapy, I also wake a couple of times overnight with pain that occasionally requires pain relief before I can get back off to sleep.

I call my all these symptoms my niggles as they come and go throughout the day, but they do get me down. I try not to dwell on them to my famiIy too much and Im doing my best to get back to the life I had before my cancer treatment, but I do feel like you, that I’m sometimes running on empty. I do try to focus on the benefits of the letrozole . I also gained a lot of weight during my treatment and I feel this doesn’t help matters either. 

I will be going back to work in 4 weeks and just hope that I am able to do my job.