Hi all, have now been finished chemo 3 months and have started running again I am relatively fit and am taking it easy but finding it hard. Does anyone has any advice or reasons why the going may be tough? Maybe it’s just that my fitness has deteriorated I just don’t want to be pushing myself if there is another possibility. I am a month and a half in to tamoxifen too and don’t think I have had many side effects. I wish you all well. It’s bloody weird getting back to normality after treatment, I want my body back!

Hi there
I think it does take a bit of time to regain former fitness levels. I never used to run, but was able to walk long distances at a fast pace before chemo. Now i have to admit, that although i finished in April, my fitness levels are not at the same level as before.
I am working on it though…getting out and about each day, pushing the buggy up hills and for longer distances etc…and i do feel better for it!
I am determined that my old body will be back soon !

Defo weird getting back to normal…i feel fine, apart from the lack of hair and a few hot flushes!


hiya - yes I’m the same - finished chemo March 11 then had rads for 4 weeks and am on tamoxifen and also herceptin - I was pretty fit before my dx but struggling - used to walk, golf, cycle all in one day now I can do no more than 7 holes of golf, some short walking and a bit of a cycle but not all in the one day ! really disappointed in my lack of fitness but just have to keep going out to try exercise and keep the faith that it will return - our bodies have been through the mill so I guess it takes time to restore us !

good for you for trying though - keep it up - Rxx

Theres a link to an article about life after treatment and one of the chapters is about convalescing and building yourself up, it was a really good article and if you haven’t read it then it may help you. Its on the cancer counselling trust site but theres a thread here to it. I didnt save it so if anyone has the title or link maybe you could post it here for us? Cheers


Dear tors,

There is an article by Dr Peter Harvey about life after breast cancer- I’m not sure if this is the one you meant. I have attached the link below:

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I think you need to give yourself time (hard, I know). Your body has been through a lot, it can takes months for the chemo to leave your system. Also if you are having problems sleeping with the tamoxifen hot flushes, that will cause problems.

I had a delayed recon in Feb, and although I started running again after 5 weeks, I am only now beginning to feel like my running is getting easier, four months on. And I am still only running half the distance I was before. These things take it out of you.

Hi There
I am a runner too! I managed to run at the start of my chemo but then the TAX floored me! I think roadrunner is right, don’t be too hard on yourself. I started running much less than my “Usual” distances and then gradually built up. It’s finding the balance between leading the life the way you want to but giving yourself a break too.
If it’s any consolation I just managed to regain my fitness and run the London Marathon this year. I now have my sights set on a triathlon. I was on chemo exactly 2 years ago this summer.
There are lots of threads on this site about how fatigued people feel after treatment so that may well affect what you are able to do aswell.
Be kind to yourself and you will get there in the end… good luck xxx