Sad after surgery

Here I am after my op… I had my surgery 2 days ago. I had a mastectomy because the surgeon found a "satellite " tumor and a lidc in situ so he had to have clear margins:( I also had an node clearance.
I m now waiting for biopsy results but I m full iof sadness … i could use some help or experience

So sorry that you are sad. I had my mastectomy on January 30th and immediate reconstruction, sentinel node removal and reduction on the other side. Are you taking enough pain killers? How about trying a couple of simple exercises? It is surprising how each day I have found i can do a bit more. The same with walking, try to do a little bit more each day. If you can see progress that might help you to become more positive. It isn’t an easy journey, but there are people who can make it easier for you. Forums help and specialist nurses.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s early days for you and it is mind blowing what we are going through. Lots of love and hugs to you xx

Hi NoteRed,  sorry we are meeting here on this forum. I had my mastectomy on 15 Jan and axillary node clearance 2 days ago so everything raw mentally and physically.  You have to remember that apart from having to take all this new and horrid information in, you have also had a general anaesthetic which leaves your system weak, give yourself some time, take a step back, get as much support as you can. All the ladies here on this forum have helped to keep me together and positive, sending lots of love, remember you are not alone. Xx

Thank you Miffy for you answer- I dont have pain only a stretching and of course some numbness at my arm.i have a lot ups and downs (mostly) and I ve been googling a lot :frowning:
I m trying but obviously not enough

Hello Annig, hope you aee doing well. I m really trying but cant help crying most of the day :confused: I m googling a lot and believe this doesnt help

Hi NoteRed,
It’s early days, you’ve been through a major operation as well as the shock of diagnosis so be gentle on yourself.
Things will improve day by day…make sure you do your exercises ?

I’ve had a mastectomy, a week later back in for axillary clearance, chemo, reconstruction surgery etc etc.
That was almost 5 years ago.
This morning I’ve just returned from the gym following an hour Body pump class ?️‍♂️

Things will improve it just takes time and a lot of patience.
Best of luck xx

Oh and step away from Dr Google!!

At best the info is out of date, all you are done by is scaring the **bleep** out of yourself.

Stick to this and Macmillan website x

Thank you Nikki. It s really quite frustrating to wait for the biopsy results and treatment plan…i m feeling so desperate at times…

Yes, your feelings are completely normal because it is a kind of bereavement. You have lost a part of yourself and your life has suddenly changed. Unfortunately I think you just have to work through those feelings over time and eventually it does get better. Seeing a psychologist or counsellor can help definitely. You could also ask for some medication such as antidepressants to take in the short term which might help. Xx