Safe deodorants during radiotherapy

I’ve been reading up on deodorant use during rads are these himalayan crystals rocks safe to use has anybody any experience of these tried looking on the Internet but had no real success would really be interested to know as I don’t sweat alot but if I have to have rads it’s going to be in the middle of the summer stupid thing to worry about I know but that women for you thanks in advance loux

Hi Loobyb
I had rads over last summer and like you it concerned me not being able to wear deodorant. Luckily, the hospital where I had my rads (Addenbrookes, Cambridge) had just had a change of policy and allowed the use of certain deodorants. They recommended using Biosen, you can get it in tesco, boots etc. Personally, I like the solid stick, which isnt on sale in our local tesco, but boots do stock it. I used it throughout rads with no problems and actually still use it. You might need to check with your hospital what their policy is though, I know they are not all the same! Good luck

I used regular roll-on deodorant throughout radiotherapy (my armpits weren’t irradiated). Wasn’t told any different. I experienced no problems with this whatsoever. I guess policies may have changed and may differ at various hospitals. I would be interested in the rationale for avoiding deodorant though.

I was told not to use any deodorant on that side, nor any perfumed moisturisers, perfume etc. during radiotherapy. Also for showering I was told to use Simple products. Apparently small traces of metallic elements in regular products can actually interfere with the radiotherapy - or so one of the nurses told me.
I didn’t have a bad reaction so as soon as radiotherapy finished I started using Simple deodarant (boots stock it). Although I had my rads in Feb, I found that I didn’t sweat much - maybe because of the rads?? Still using same deo today as really like it!

Try not to worry about what is so far ahead, concentrate on where you are now, and take it one step at a time and deal with each thing as it comes. When you have your radiology appointment there will be plenty of opportunities to ask these questions. Thinking of you.


I’m having RT to chest wall post mx and chemo and was told to continue to use all creams, perfumes, deodrants; with the exception that I should use the acqeous cream provided and NOT to use talc as the particles interfere with rays?!?!
What a confusing one is that then?!?
Like Vicky says, don’t worry too much about it now. The RT nurses will go through it all with you at your measure up.
Take care

Like Joan my hspt recommended Bionsen as it doesn’t contain aluminiun
Good luck with rads

I start 18 sessions of Radiotherapy on Thursday and my BC nurse and the radiographer who saw me for my ‘Planning Day’ both said I must use nothing on the area, during treatment, except or fSimple soap and Aqueaous cream.
Seems very mixed advice on this!

My unity recommended and sold aloe Vera deodorant … Which I still use from time to time. Don’t seem to need it much after rads!

From my experience there are two different bits of advice going on here. The first, from the physios, is that if you’ve had surgery you shouldn’t use anti-perspirant, but deodorant, to reduce the pressure on the lymphatic system. One of the ones they recommended was Bionsen. BUT, the rads people said no perfume, which rules out Bionsen (I’m allergic to perfume anyway so know the ingredients of every brand!). I ended up using Pitrok which was fine, but seemed to have a bit of a musky smell which didn’t appeal to me much. So I think it’s important to find out what it is they are telling you to avoid. If they just tell you to use a particular brand you don’t know whether they are telling you to avoid perfume, lanolin or aluminium, and in my case they told me to use Johnson’s Baby Soap which has perfume, but they had assumed it didn’t because it was for babies!

Good luck all


Thank you guys will ask the relevant people when I need to cross that bridge, I tend to fixate on certain things probably to forget about the real issue a coping mechanism? :slight_smile:

I had my radiotherapy last summer and was told not to wear deodorant. I was a bit worried as while I was recovering from my op, my armpits were very smelly without deodorant. The registrar told me I probably wouldn’t sweat too much anyway. She was right. I didn’t wear deodorant for a couple of monthly and never had a problem. It may not be the same for you but don’t worry about it too much. I know where you’re coming from re fixating on things. Good luck with your treatment.

Hello everyone
Have just posted about this on the early days of radiotherapy link, so apologies for cross posting!
I was really bothered about not being able to wear any deodarant after surgery and while my scar was healing following SNB. My BCN recommended Salt of The Earth from Holland & Barrett. MY daughter got some for me and it is great - a natural stick which requires you to wet your underarm a little with water before rolling it on. It has done the trick for me and made me feel a lot better knowing there was something I could use throughout. Hope it might be helpful for others too. x