Safe Sex???

My last period was July 2013, which was before i was diagnosed with breast cancer.


I was diagnosed with breast cancer Sept 2013 and subsequently went through chemo, mastectomy and radiotherapy which i completed May last year, I also had herceptin for a year which I finished Feb this year and all i take now is tamoxifen, am about 18 months into this. I am 47 years old.


My question is have i gone/going through menopause and is it ok to have unprotected sex? When i mean unprotected i mean with my hubbie of 26 years not just random one night stands.


I have asked this question to Medical people and no one seems to want to answer question.



Hi BeejayP

I’m sorry you haven’t receieved a response yet. If you’ve still got questions you’d like to discuss I recommend contacting our helpline. Details can be found here:<wbr>pport/support-you/someone-talk/call-our-support-li<wbr>…</wbr></wbr>

They will be able to talk you through any questions you might have.