Sage & Tamoxifen Compatibility

I’ve found it so frustrating that NOBODY can provide a straight answer to the question " Is sage ok to take for hot flushes if you are on Tamoxifen and had an oestrogen positive tumour"
I was dismayed that at my 6 monthly check-up this week that a Senior Breast care nurse could’t give me a definitive answer either. I’ve read the BCC site and its not even mentioned. Folks any ideas out there ?

Hi I found this on a womens health website.

This herb can be taken as a tea or as an extract to help with hot flushes having some effect on regulating hormones. It should not be taken if there is a problem with other hormones or if taking tamoxifen”

maybe give the BCC helpline a ring they may know.


my breast care nurse told me to take sage as a way to control the side effect of tomaxifin, she knew i was ER+. not going to bother unless the accupuncture does not work

hi all its all very confusing . is it ok to take cod liver oil tabs on tamoxifen.

Hi, I asked my oncologist and she said that I could take sage for the hot flushes. I’m also ER+ & on Tamoxifen. I did try to take it for about a month, but really don’t like the taste and didn’t really feel very different with it so haven’t continued. They are lessening slightly (month 4) and my BCN said to me yesterday that they should hopefully settle down. Bring on the day…!

I’m on Tamoxifen and take a sage tablet every evening at about 6.00 pm. It keeps the flushes from being overwelming. My health food shop has checked for contraindications with Tamoxifen and there are none. I think that the remedies you have to watch out for are those which behave a bit like a synthetic hormone, but sage is OK. I take Menoforce.

good luck