Salisbury - Living with Secondary Breast Cancer meet-up group, Wednesday 17 November

Living with Secondary Breast Cancer meet-up group in Salisbury

  • When: Typically, the third Wednesday of every month (you can attend as
    many or as few meetings as you like) The first meeting will be Wednesday, 17 November 2021.
  • Time: 10.30am-12.30pm
  • Who: Around 6-12 people who are also living with secondary breast cancer. Anyone living in the surrounding area of Salisbury is welcome to come along.
    An experienced counsellor will be there to welcome you and facilitate the
  • What: A chance to chat about whatever’s on your mind with others who
    understand. Every three months you’ll also hear from an expert speaker on
    topics such as relationships and communication, side effects, fatigue and
    clinical trials. Refreshments are provided.

If you’d like to register to attend the meet-up group in Salisbury and get more
information please complete our online registration form: