same as everyone else

I have been diagnosed on 20th February, surgery due on 14th March.

hi nanse
anything you want to say, you can say on here, sorry to hear your news, you’re probably shellshocked, as well we all know. hope you can find some comfort and strength with us here.

One step at a time. You CAN do this thing. You will get through it! Are you having WLE (lumpectomy) or mx (mastectomy)? Either way there are many many ladies on here (and some men!) who can share their experiences and support you.

Everyone’s dx is slightly different, but we all know what a terrifying time it is when you first get the news. Once you have your surgery and biopsy results, things seem to move quite quickly, as you have something to focus on.

I had a WLE and SNB in February last year, rads in April and May and I’m on Zoladex and Tamoxifen now, but I’m back at work and gradually beginning to feel more like my old self. This time last year, I definitely didn’t think I’d be saying that.

Cyber support and hugs x