Save my nipple or not?

I have stage 1 cancer on both sides and I am having a double mastectomy next week. One side is more spread so I will loose my nipple but on the other side I could keep the nipple.
If I keep it I will need to have an arm pit incision for the lymph node removal, the scars will be in different places and the two breast may be different sizes after reconstruction  **** (implants) as keeping the nipple will make it slightly larger. 

I need to make a decision but it is a strange thing to decide. Has anyone else been in this position? If you have had one nipple removed and the other left is there a big visual difference? 

I can only offer my own experience, obviously this is a very personal decision.

I had a nipple-sparing bilateral mastectomy last January. I was asked if I was keen to keep my nipples, and it seemed an obvious yes (tumour wasn’t close). It was both sides, though, so didn’t have to face a lot of those decisions you’re making.

Did it make a difference? To me, personally, yes I think it did. I didn’t really have to adjust to my boobs not looking more or less the same, albeit with new scars.

However - and this is the bit I think might matter to you - I lost all sensation. So yeah, I guess it’s nice to have my nipples still there looking like they did, but they are purely cosmetic now (they do still react to cold, which is weird!). I don’t know if you’ve had that conversation with your team, but definitely part of the whole consideration.

It sounds like you’ll get a better overall appearance from treating the two sides the same and exploring tattoos or other options. I’m of the opinion that it can be easier to adjust to the newness without a visual reminder of the differences. You will have to weigh up for yourself the importance of appearance versus the possibility of retaining/regaining some sensation, and which is most important for you.

Wishing you well in these meh decisions, and all your treatments.