Saying "Hi" again ! 3rd (different) BC diagnosis received last week.


As above I have scored a hat trick.
Right side - 1992, age 29, I had Lobular BC with lymph spread. Lumpectomy, radiotherapy & chemo.
Implant reconstruction in 2006, yes it was very delayed! Implant started with capsule contracture and felt like bubble wrap lumps which I had checked out in 2014 and was advised they were definitely implant issue lumps.

Left side - 2015, regular screening found a DCIS. No lymph spread. Lumpectomy, radiotherapy and tamoxifen (for a while… hated it, couldn’t run marathons etc as legs were filled with lead).

Earlier this year I felt a different type of lump in the implant side and arranged for it to be checked. It is BC but this time is a different type again, Mucinous (I think ‘pure’ but am not 100% sure yet).
I have a CT scan booked for tomorrow 12th May, which set me off in a panic as I’ve never had a CT scan as routine so was wondering if it was because they fear the worst but have been assured that is not the case.

Results from that on Thursday 13th, and then hear what treatment timeline is ahead. Definitely a full mastectomy for the right side.

I’ve had the usual wobbles and am quite annoyed that just as UK was getting back to ‘normal’ my immediate quality of life is up in the air.
Bother… and many other expletives.


i have only recently been diagnosed myself for the first time. I can only imagine how you feel this being your third time.  I am so sorry you find yourself here again.  You must be an amazingly strong lady keeping going and fighting this disease.  

Good luck to you. I don’t know whether a CT scan is significant but I do know a friend diagnosed for the first time has one due too. 

Good luck to you xx

Hi Judith - from someone else in the ‘hattrick club’! Hope it all goes really well for you xx

Hi Judith,

Buses coming along in 3’s is one thing, but 3 different forms of bc…that’s tough… you sound very composed…I think bother and many other expletives is more than understandable, if not an understatement of how most of us would feel.

How did your appointment go re the results of your scan and treatment plan?

I had a significant secondary scare a few years after initial treatment, thankfully dodged that one - was fractured ribs I hadn’t realised I’d got but stress levels rose high before I finally got the results after 2 rounds of scans.

Sending you a gentle hug. Do let us know how you got on.

Bookish - I hadn’t realised you are in the hattrick club…

Hugs to you both 

Seabreeze (a few days off 7 years since diagnosis!) x