SBC Diagnoised March 2021

Hi everyone.

I was diagnosed with SBC early March, it has spread to my liver, lungs, ribs and spine. The diagnosis was totally out of the blue. I had lower back pain throughout January which got worse and worse as time went on. I thought I had a slipped disc but when I was admitted to A&E the tests showed it was SBC.

I am on ribociclib, zoladex and tamoxifen at the moment. Due to start letrozole in a few weeks.

So far minimal side effects.

Mine is ER+.

Looking to chat with others on similar treatment.

I find these forums really helpful and hopefully I can support others as well. 

Hi Daisy,

i was diagnosed In August 2020, I had a sore under my breast and after biopsies scans etc was diagnosed with ER positive   , I have my secondaries in lymph nodes under both arms and a patch on pelvis.

Im in Zoladex, ribociclib and letrozole and tolerate it all very well, I get hot flushes and no other side effects, 

I’m currently feeling anxious as im due some scan results back any day. 

This forum is really good if you have any questions.

Take care xx

Hi I too have recently been diagnosed. I thought the pain was muscular but bone scan showed up on my sternum. Completely shocked first diagnosis feb 2016 and I thought I was doing well. I see my oncologist on Thursday for treatment plan not sure what yet. I have just had radiotherapy and am struggling with fatigue.

Hello. I had breast cancer. Went through, chemo, double mastectomy, radiation etc…I just found out I have cancer in my bones. Took some tests yesterday, bone scan and CT scan. I have a fractured rib and that is how it was found. Now I’m really scared. I don’t know anything else. Treatment etc…any advice would help. I feel so alone on this