Scan after treatment finishes

Hi everyone

I don’t often post on here, I’ve found sometimes it’s easier follow my own journey and figure things out for myself rather than read numerous different questions and answers.  However, now I’ve finished treatment (last Herceptin jab in Feb 2018 following chemo, mastectomy, radiotherapy) and my life is back on track (sort of!), my mind sometimes goes into overdrive with every little twinge, ache or pain.  I asked my surgeon about follow-up scan but she said it is not done as a procedure, I have had a large amount of radiation (15 blasts plus all the other scans prior to surgery) and any more would be detrimental,  and I should just let them know if any further symptoms present.  I didn’t have any symptoms before, and somehow missed a huge, fast-growing, deep lump!  Counselling has been offered but I’m not good at talking or expressing my fears so I just suffer sleepless nights and keep myself way too busy.  Consequently I am exhausted most of the time, in fact I now know this is fatigue, but if I stop or slow down I get so low thinking about what I’ve been through.  I don’t know whether to ask for a scan again to reassure myself, or just go with the flow and trust the doc…I’m going round in circles! My one dear friend who I could always talk to passed away one year ago after surviving 10 years after her diagnosis - I’m sure she’s sitting up there telling me to get a grip. 

Hi Tor,
Certainly, my understanding is scans aren’t usually done unless there is a reason too & if it was possible, then how long would you feel reassured for?
Is it an idea to reconsider the counselling as it does seem to be that things are going round & round in a circle at the mo for you. You have been through a lot & have only completed treatment recently.
If there is one in your area, is a ‘moving forward’ course an option?
It might also be an idea to give the helpline here a ring to talk things through.
Sending hugs
ann x