Scan Results

Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking on this site since July and found your posts really helpful.

I’ve finally plucked up the courage to write on here as I’m looking for some support.

My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in Dec 2014. She had 2 x lumpectomy, fec t chemotherapy and 15x radiotherapy! Beginning of June she found a lump under her arm and after been told it was an abscess, persisted and asked for a biopsy. We found out the cancer had returned. Had another op to try and remove and get a clear margin however this couldn’t be guaranteed and she started capecitabine shortly afterwards.

Mum had MRI and CT scans last week and we get results This week. So nervous! Her tumour markers have reduced significantly since beginning capecitabine going from 121 to 64 in two treatments. If anyone could reply I would be so grateful.

Thankyou xx

Marie, hello and welcome. We wish you didnt have to visit us at all but you are in the right place for help and support. Well done to your mum for insisting on a biopsy…i went five months being told i had a sebaceous cyst when it was skin mets. It is also good to hear that her tumour markers have reduced. Oncs dont seem to put much significance on them but its a positive step. There is a capecitibine thread on here under treatments and issues and also a scanxiety thread on here…this is what we call the awful wait for results, both of which you may find useful. Most pople post on the bone mets thread regardless of where their secondaries are, bt it does make for kengthy reading and catchng up! I have had capecitibine btnforynately it didnt work for long bt there are loads of ladies on here who have had great success on it. Please let us know how your mum gets on and remember…we are all here for you both. x

Hi Marie


how were the scan results?


and how is mum feeling now? So lucky to have your support.

do come back and let us know, if youd like to.


hugs, Moijanxx???