Scan results

Hello my mum gets her scan results this week after her first lot of scans since starting capecitabine. Tumour markers have dropped significantly since beginning capecitabine. Feeling so nervous. Any advice?

Thankyou and hope you don’t mind me posting xx

Hi Marie

To be honest we all get anxious about scans and more importantly the results! It’s something (yet another thing I should say) that we have to cope with when we have secondaries as we have scans etc every few months.

There is a thread called scanxiety - as we have named it - which you may want to check out. I will bump it up so you can see and read it.

We all have different coping mechanisms so I can’t give any particular advice but just support your Mum and be here for her whether the results are good or not so good.  Also make sure you have someone you can get support from, it’s difficult being a daughter, I know only too well as both my 20 something daughters have had to deal with my secondaries (and primary before that) for many years and it has affected them in different ways.

Nicky x

Thank you Nicky08

I am very nervous. I’m 25 tomorrow and yes like your daughters, dealt with mums primary diagnosis before this one. Do you mind me asking what your secondaries are? I’m sorry I hope you don’t mind me asking xx

Thankyou for replying.

I am really glad your treatment kept things stable for you.

My mum has suspicious lymph nodes in the chest area and fluid around the lung which they can’t be sure about. She started capecitabine and has had 2 cycles. Tms have dropped from 121 to 64 in those cycles!

It’s so horrible waiting for results. Never gets easier xx