Scan revealed lump

Hi all,

I’ve been having pains on my upper shoulder and milk discharge for couple of months. Recently got pains on side of breast.

I had a private scan done today and got following results. I’ll be taking these results to my GP come Monday.

Not sure how to read the results, sounds scary and is making me nervous!

“Both breasts show normal homogenous fibroglandular tissue pattern. Nipples appear normal. No nipple retraction nor dilatation of ducts seen. Both axillae appear normal. No enlarged axillary lymph nodes seen. Skin and subcutaneous tissu appear normal.

The left breast shows benign looking appearance nodules with well defined borders, regular in shape with no increased vascularities, as follows:

M1 - 4.3 x 2.4mm - 5 o’clock position (appears solid)
M2 - 3.4 x 1.8mm - areolar area
M3 - 3.3 x 1.7mm - areolar area
M4 - 3.7 - 2.7mm - areolar area”

Thoughts anyone? Should I be worried?

Hi Humayra,
Technical jargon always does look scary, even when there’s nothing to worry about!
It talks about ‘benign appearance’ ‘regular’ & ‘no increased vascularities’ & lots of ‘normal’ comments, so all should be well, but it does need a medical person to explain it all.
It’s good you’re seeing your GP on Monday, who hopefully reassure you.
ann x