Hi girl’s. Got my scan result yesterday. Bones improving as im on denosanab anyway. Ive been on examesten for 4 and half months. Ibrance for two. My onc has told me my breast tumour hasnt shrunk. Deveatated and confused. Has this happened to anyone x

Hi Weemee, I’m sorry that you haven’t had the result you hoped for. Have you had an increase in tumour size or stable?

I think you know that I’ve been on a trial for 18 months using Ibrance and Taselisib. At the time I had no feedback from UK patients so I’ve been to a U.S. site and many of them reported no significant effect from Ibrance for several months, it does seem quite slow to work in some cases.

I’m not saying go against your Oncs advice but it’s so new here that I’d try to continue if it were me. Just my thoughts but wishing you the best anyway xx

Weemee, When I was on ibrance the first scan at 3months showed stable. The next one at 6 months showed lots of improvement. Hang in there. FF

Hi there thanks for reply girls. Think im in to much of a rush. Its hard not to be. Need to pick myself up and im sure next scan will be better. Thanks so much girlsxx