Has anyone had to have an Upper Abdominal Ultrasound Scan before they started chemo ??

I had one just after my diagnosis along with a chest X-ray and a bone scan. I have lymph node involvement and these were known as staging scans.
I am having my chemo first just had number 3 out of 6.

How have you been after the chemo??
I go on tuesday to see the oncologist to find out my treatment plan

Did you get your treatment plan?
I have been tired, nauseous and a bit sick. At the moment though it doesn’t last more than a week.

Yes I start chemo on the 20th dec 6 sessions
Getting picc line in on the 19th

I bought sea sick bands just incase I need them I heard they help

Hi Karebear, i have my 5th chemo out of 7 on 20th December. I was terrified before starting. But 3 treatments down and i have to say that the fear of chemo is worse than the reality. I have a bit of rough week afterwards but life goes on as normal as posdible. Then you start to pick up and usually have a ‘normal’ week before treatment is due again. There is lots of good advice on the monthly threads that help you get through. Good luck - you can do it xx