Scans of IDC E+ in lymph nodes now lots of lung nodules and bone mets. Biopsy needed on lung growth

No treatment or surgery yet while every possible scan/blood test has been done. Yesterday PET scan to investigate lung nodules and 1 larger 2-3 cm. node that they think might be a separate cancer. Doc called (scare in itself) and said bilateral extensive nodules had “low-level PET activity” but larger nodule needs a needle biopsy to determine if it’s a met or a separate cancer.  Also suspect Bone Mets to upper left thigh (they said stress fracture), near hip, and fracture to upper left arm. I don’t have any pain and would expect I should. Has anyone else gone thru this? They’ve ordered a needle biopsy and are trying to get it pushed thru quickly. This obviously has me scared as they’ve not seemed in a hurry up to now…original Grade 1, Stage 2 IDC on 4-24-19. They seemed positive about an aggressive chemo tx, surgery and more chemo until they found it spread. Can they stop lung cancer while treating the E+, P-, HER-2 neg mass? I feel like every test puts me closer to 6 feet under, right when I’m hearing positive stories from those of you online, Sorry to sound negative tonight. I have been standing strong and defiant to this garbage, and keeping it together for my husband and sons. Any positive feedback, experience with anything similar. Thank you in advance!!!

The worst part of any cancer diagnosis is the first few weeks when you really don’t know what you are dealing with and there are endless tests and periods of anxious waiting while they fit the pieces of the jigsaw together .Some of us are a lot more complicated than others unfortunately.Once you have had a cancer diagnosis lots of other things/ symptoms are treated with a much higher level of suspicion by the medics .You would be very unlucky to have 2 cancers at the same time but if that is the case I’m sure they can find a way to address both .If it is mets there are ladies on this forum doing very well on treatment and managing to live fulfilling lives and there are new treatments coming along all the time to give new hope and better prognosis .Whatever the outcome of your tests you will feel better when you know what you are dealing with and can get on with some treatment .