I am on Palbociclib 75mg 5 week cycle (3 on 2 off), Letrozole, Denosumab (12 weekly) and Apixaban for pulmonary embolisms which have now dispersed. I am 2 years and 2 months in. I have been requested to wait 1 year before my next scan, which have been 6 monthly up to now. Anyone else scanned yearly? It is worrying me as a lot can go wrong in a year, but obviously also realise that they are trying to be fair and give space to all cancer sufferers. 

I am on same dose 75mgs palbo letrosole and zometa for bones been on this for 3 and half years lower dose palbo last 6 months have always had scans 3 to 4 monthly on oncologists regime can understand why you would worry its only yearly for scans I would say question this . LIZ XX